Consulting & Corporate Services

You want to set up business in India. You are not sure if you would like to have your own subsidiary or forge a JV. Or acquire a company.

Weather you sell products or service clients, at Tom & A consultants, we as strategic partners offer you the right advice to ensure you are at the right place at the right time and doing the right things! To ensure a seamless entry in the Indian market.

Diligence and Market Entry

  • Investment Consulting based on target market, potential and customers
  • Entry Level Strategy
  • Development and implementation of business plan
  • Digital marketing & Online PR

Market Research

Entering the market or consolidating your business, to be able to take a prudent business decision, you need your facts and figures right. Unbiased and unprejudiced. At Tom & A Consultants, we do primary and secondary data quick checks, analyze and provide realistic and pragmatic advice.

Investment Consulting based on target market, potential and customers

  • Product and potential analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Available and suitable distribution structure
  • Regulations and Taxation

Product positioning and price points

Market segmentation

Assist in distribution network setup

Organizational structuring and turnaround management

Year after year, your balance sheets reflect a scenario which is different than the projections at the beginning of the fiscal. Not satisfied? Maybe you need a change, could be in strategy or execution. As Change Managers, we are there to assist you with the right solutions and tools to make it happen.

Process Mapping and Reengineering

  • Quick Checks and Diagnostics
  • Mapping “As-Is” and Detailed Audits
  • Due diligence of “As-Is”
  • Gap analysis
  • Propose “To-Be”


  • Development and implementation of a growth strategy
  • Interim management