Handholding & Execution

You are busy with your core business and there are plethora of non-core activities, where your business cannot afford full departments. Yet, the very nature of essentiality of these activities necessitate that they be carried out diligently. Outsourcing to a reliable partner is the most viable solution in such cases, and at Tom & A consultants, we handhold you to execute them while you focus on your business.

Payroll & HR

Your business is not large enough to warrant or support a full time HR or wage cell. Yet, when there is a team, small or large; they need to be inducted and nurtured into your corporate culture. And check any concerns. You also need to process the payroll in compliance with local laws and statutes, which can be daunting. At Tom & A Consultants, we are your partners to whom you can outsource this non-core yet important function like many other companies. We offer absolute confidentiality and take care of the statutes while you remain focused on your business.

  • Offer & Appointment Letters
  • Joining & Induction
  • Defining Salary Structures
  • Induction
  • Maintenance of personnel files
  • Income & Investment Declarations
  • Insurance & Medical
  • Exit Process
  • Appraisals
  • Employee concerns
  • Policies – Leave, Travel and Asset
  • Salary Processing, including e-Payslips
  • Managing travel and Expenses of employees
  • Income tax, including monthly payment of TDS and Form 24Q Filing
  • Form – 16
  • Managing PF, Professional Tax, ESIC, if and as applicable

Book Keeping / Accounting / MIS

As a small business, you do not need a full time accounts department. Yet, you need to record transactions and need a real time periodic update. We at Tom & A Consultants take care of your books guaranteeing confidentiality and veracity to meet your and statutory requirements.

  • Monitoring / Compliance of budget
  • Bookkeeping
    • Day-to-day booking transactions including invoicing, receipts, payments and journal
    • Processing of vendor payments related to imports of material, local purchases, service providers, etc.
    • Reconciliation of debtors, creditors and all control accounts
    • Maintenance of books of accounts in terms of the requirements of provisions of the Companies Act, according to Indian GAAP and accounting standards
    • Periodical closure of books for preparation of trial balance, balance sheet and profit/loss account
  • Cash Flow Management
    • Analysis of projected expenses / investments
    • Coordination with principal for availability of funds
  • Banking activities
    • Opening and maintenance of bank account/s
    • Day-to-day banking activities
    • Monthly reconciliation
  • Vendor management
    • Collection of bills as per schedule
    • Verifying adequacy of bills and performance of vendor
    • Getting necessary approval for payment or directions in case of non-performance
    • Issuing payments
  • Auditing assistance
    • Appointment of auditors for tax audit, company audit, calendar year group reporting (as per IFRS) and transfer pricing audits
    • Providing auditor with necessary support
    • Monthly / specific reports according to management requirements

Secretarial / Company Law / Compliance

Corporate Secretarial Matters

  • Drafting of Board Resolutions concerning to day to day affairs of the company
  • Drafting of minutes of the meetings of Board of Directors
  • Drafting of minutes of annual general meeting and extraordinary general meetings
  • General Company Secretarial issues / requirements, for example:
    • Preparation of (Director’s Identification Number) DIN papers and arranging to obtain DIN
    • Appointment of directors
    • Appointment of statutory auditors
    • Change of registered office of the Company within the city or state within the jurisdiction of one ROC
    • Allotment of shares, Private Placement / Preferential allotment of shares, Rights Issues of shares.
    • Completion of RBI formalities relating to allotment of shares
    • Filing of various forms and returns to the Registrar of Companies, Etc.
    • Capitalization of share capital including increase of authorized capital (if necessary) and all related regulatory filing and reporting
    • Maintenance and upkeep of all statutory records like minute book of board meetings and shareholder meetings, shareholder register, etc.
    • Filing of the annual returns with the Registrar of Companies
    • Filing of annual returns with the Reserve Bank of India

Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)

  • Advise on FEMA for routine queries related to foreign currency transfer
  • Preparation and filing of required documents / letters with Reserve Bank of India
  • Interaction with FEMA consultants for specific issues

General Taxation / Legal issues

  • Providing required inputs related to labour law, commercial law, local laws, etc
  • Consultation and coordination with respective experts

FIPB approval
Trademark & patents/copyrights


India is a land of opportunities. Yet mired with many tax forms that can be daunting for a business. We at Tom & A Consultants offer our expertise in handling these matters.

Corporate Taxation Matters

  • Calculation of advance tax and payment as per schedule
  • Filing of the quarterly returns for TDS, related to:
    • Rental
    • Professionals
    • Contractors
    • Others (advertising, sales commission, etc)
    • Coordination with consultants for filing of quarterly return with the income tax department
    • Interaction with consultants for any queries / audits by the income tax department

VAT / Sales Tax Matters

  • Computation and monthly / quarterly payments of sales tax liability
  • Preparation and filing of quarterly sales tax returns
  • Informing Sales Team about C-form status and other related forms
  • Interaction with consultants for annual assessment of sales tax and / or any queries / audits by the sales tax department

Service Tax Matters

  • Computation and monthly payments of service tax
  • Preparation and filing of half yearly returns with service tax department
  • Interaction with consultants for annual assessment and / or any queries / audits by the service tax department

Excise Tax Matters (for manufacturing)

  • Monthly reconciliation of excise liability
  • Regular payments of excise liability according to PLA register